KIA Success in the Digital Transformation in Hot Stamped Parts, Part II: Application of Digital Die Spotting

A Focus on the Product and Business Processes of Manufacturing Ecosystems This is part two of a three part hot forming series exploring how KIA has researched the current technologies which enable digitization in hot stamping at all business and supplier levels. In this post we see how KIA applied digital die spotting to their […]

Here are all the used EVs that qualify for the new $4,000 tax credit

January 1, 2023 marked the dawn of another year for the world, but in the realm of EVs, purchases made by US consumers more specifically, the date kicked off a fresh start of new tax credits for vehicles both new and used. While much of the dust is still settling on the Capitol as it […]

Join the AutoForm Global Webinar: A Smart and Systematic Approach for Tube Forming Engineering, 24 May, 2023

Systematic Process Improvement for Tube Hydroforming Tubing contributes to lower costs, advanced safety and lightweighting of automotive components such as chassis parts, shock absorbers, suspension arms, seats and instrument panel beams. Tube hydroforming is the process of manufacturing such critical components and the success of the tube hydroforming process depends on the best combination of […]

Ola partners with Dbest Cars to dispose of over 5,000 used cars

By: HT AutoDesk | Updated on: Jan 25, 2023, 10:24 AM Ola Fleet Technologies has partnered with Dbest Cars India to dispose of its used commercial fleet vehicles in a deal worth over ₹125 crores. The company is undertaking the process to dispose of over 5,000 used commercial cars because the existing fleet is now […]