CEO Edward Hightower still sees hope in the long shot of Lordstown Motors

While success was undoubtedly a long shot, he saw a path: Minimize the need for capital, put together a team focused on R&D and technical aspects around bringing an EV to market, while partnering with a strong manufacturing company with twice the revenue of Tesla and global supply chain prowess. “I had to keep the […]

Lithium iron phosphate curbs the battery gap with nickel, cobalt

Battery expert Lukasz Bednarski, author of the 2021 book “Lithium: The Global Race for Battery Dominance and the New Energy Revolution,” believes automakers’ interest in building lower-priced EVs could be one of the drivers behind LFP’s rising popularity. “LFP provides good enough performance at a lower cost, which makes it an attractive proposition for EVs […]

Should You Use Insurance to Replace Your Windshield: Yes or No?

It’s likely what happened to you before: a chipped or cracked windshield. Unfortunately, this type of issue generally occurs quickly, and without any warning. In addition, chips, cracks and breaks can be big, small, easy to fix or very expensive to repair. Each situation is different and calls for a specific action. It’s important to […]

Quebec toughens ZEV sales mandate, frustrating automakers

Quebec Environment Minister Benoit Charette announced April 21 that the province was “accelerating” the yearly percentage of ZEVs that must be sold until the goal of 100 per cent is reached in 2035. The current Quebec sales mandates are already more aggressive than the proposed federal mandates and the new provincial targets widen that spread […]

LUXURY: Tesla Q1 sales more than double those of BMW

The entire US luxury sector sales rose 23 percent to 616,970 cars and light trucks in the first quarter, outperforming the broader industry’s 8.4 percent bump. In the first quarter, BMW sales rose 12 percent, and the automaker secured a more than 14,000 vehicle advantage over No. 3 Lexuses. The Toyota luxury brand delivered 68,251 […]

Geely: All options on the table on Volvo AB stake

“Anything is possible in the future,” Oscarsson said. “For the time being we have no intention to change our position in the company.” He didn’t exclude Geely taking a more active ownership role such as requesting a board seat or joining the nominee committee. Geely, which owns a web of automotive interests in Europe, controls […]

Are You More Likely To Crack Your Windshield in Arizona?

Arizona is known for its sunshine and heat. As a result, many vehicles succumb to the extreme temperatures with auto glass damage. In fact, drivers in Arizona are more likely than drivers in any other state to need their windshield repaired. Why does Arizona fall into first place when it comes to windshield damage? Read […]

Ford job cuts in Europe: Where the ax will fall

A spokesperson at the automaker’s headquarters in Michigan said on Monday that discussions with the German works councils were continuing and that the company needs to be “more competitive” as it transitions to EVs. He would not comment on specific job plans. Workers were told to expect concrete numbers of job losses from the automaker […]