The 10 fastest selling used cars all took 15 days or less to shift

Selling a second-hand car can sometimes be an arduous labour. Posting an advertisement, taking phone calls from tire kickers and making the time to allow for potential buyers to visit and test drive can take up plenty of your time. But not if you own one of the fastest selling motors, we can exclusively reveal. […]


Excerpted from a pre-release publication tentatively titled “Brickwalls and Barricades: The Quest for Flawless Execution of First Hit Pass Outcomes”, this article introduces actual case studies to showcase the ability to avoid forming defect failures at the stamping press through disciplined execution of the simulation and die build with proven tradecraft and capable craftsmanship. A […]

10 Used Luxury Cars With Extremely Low Maintenance And Repair Costs

If you also wonder how expensive it must be to maintain a luxury car, you’re probably not alone. Luxury cars often come with the perception of high maintenance costs. As with any segment, however, the luxury car market definitely has some gems known for being relatively easier on the pocket as far as maintenance is […]

Used Car Prices Remain Stubbornly High

Anyone hoping that the used vehicle market will become more predictable or even the right-size itself in 2023 will likely be disappointed. Unique market conditions and a slew of new challenges are reshaping the market used in unexpected ways. After experiencing a meteoric rise in value, used vehicle prices have slightly inched back toward Earth […]

Just one in 10 Brits would buy a used car with over 100,000 miles on the clock – would you take the risk?

JUST ONE in 10 drivers in the UK would purchase a used car that had more than 100,000 miles on the clock, a survey has revealed. Despite a shortage of used cars entering the market, CarGurus, an online automotive platform to buy and sell used vehicles, found that only 13.3% of drivers would be willing […]