Aerospace Company DOMAERO Takes Controlled Risks Thanks to Numeric Simulation

DOMAERO, a French aerospace supplier est. in 1990, is specialized in sheet metal forming for the civil, defense, and space markets. Its customers, playing aerospace OEM and tier 1, recognize DOMAERO’s know-how in the field of thin titanium sheet forming for the lightening of aerostructures. The company also works with the typical materials in the […]

This Company Wants to Change How We Buy and Sell Used Cars

Dealerships handle the vast majority of vehicle sales in the United States. That in mind, private-party purchases are an important part of the American car market, despite the lack of many security and financial services that come with dealer transactions. Caramel is striving to change that with a new e-commerce platform aimed at improving the […]

Moody’s Analytics says buyers of used cars are paying 54pc more than pre-pandemic even though prices are dropping

A gradual improvement in the availability of semiconductors has helped car manufacturers lift production levels. Semiconductors are a crucial component in the increasingly sophisticated modern electronics at the core of modern vehicles. Ms Ell said while global vehicle production had not returned to pre-pandemic levels in Europe and Asia, there had been a significant improvement. […]