Criteria for Selecting the Best NEMT Vehicles

Everyone is familiar with standard emergency vehicles like an ambulance, but now there is another segment in the emergency vehicle realm that isn’t quite so urgent—non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT). But what is long-distance emergency medical transportation? Sometimes a patient’s current medical facility doesn’t have the personnel or resources to treat them, or they wish to […]

Global Demand for Automotive Parts Aftermarket Will Surge

New York, March 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The automotive parts aftermarket is expected to generate $548 billion in revenue by 2022, according to Persistent Market Research. With the top 5 market players controlling a sizable portion of the aftermarket automotive parts in 2023, the demand for automotive parts will increase. The entire Automotive Parts […]

Rivian Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ:RIVN) Given Consensus Rating of “Moderate Buy” by Analysts

Rivian Automotive, Inc. (NASDAQ:RIVN – Get Rating) has earned an average recommendation of “Moderate Buy” from the nineteen analysts that are covering the firm, MarketBeat reports. One investment analyst has rated the stock with a sell rating, two have issued a hold rating and six have issued a buy rating on the company. The average […]

How Truckers Can Stay Comfortable During Long Drives

Truckers spend a great deal of time behind the wheels, and it’s important that they stay as comfortable as possible throughout their journey. Driving for long periods can be physically demanding, tiring, and monotonous, making comfort even more essential. Here’s how truckers can stay comfortable during long drives. Get Enough Sleep Getting enough sleep is […]

Which Is Right for You? Car Blog

Are you interested in purchasing a low- or zero-emissions automobile? Read on to learn whether an electric vehicle or hybrid is right for you. Electric Vehicles Electric vehicles (EVs) are a common sight on the road these days, and for good reason—EVs produce zero driving emissions, they don’t require refueling sessions at the gas station, […]