2024 Chevy Colorado Adding ZR2 Bison Off-Road Truck

For most people, the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 offers plenty of performance for high-speed desert runs or slow-speed rock crawling. But there are a select few that will require more. For those drivers, the bigger and badder 2024 ZR2 Bison should fit the bill. Just like last year, Chevrolet has partnered with American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) […]

Trade deals, tariffs and Brexit: how will they shape UK prospects?

Home › Articles › Trade deals, tariffs and Brexit: how will they shape UK prospects? These significant forces have not yet led to a major change in export markets served by UK vehicle companies, but they could in the future, writes Ian Henry Until the Brexit vote in 2016, few people in the UK, even […]

Hoping for a deal on a new pickup truck? Inventory is piling up, and discounts could make a comeback.

An old, unwritten rule of car sales tells dealers and factories to work together to keep about a 60-day supply of each new vehicle on hand for sale, with another 15 days on order or in transit. That, the pragmatism says, means that dealers have the most color and feature combinations a buyer could want […]

Dodge Sending Off Internal Combustion Challenger With 1,000-hp Demon

It almost seems hard to believe, but the mighty Dodge Hellcat appeared on the scene in 2015 with 707 horsepower from a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 engine. Not only does the Hellcat have a stirring name, its insane amount of power and exhilarating performance ensured Dodge’s place in the muscle car wars against Ford and Chevrolet. […]

Best Betting Promos, Bonuses & Deals for NASCAR’s EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix

Cars round turn one at the EchoPark Automotive Grand Prix at Circuit of the Americas. Aaron E. Martinez USA TODAY NETWORK We may earn a fee if you make a purchase through one of our links. The newsroom and editorial staff were not involved in the creation of this content. [–>[–> The start of the […]

GM’s $918M Investment, STLA-Terrafame Deal & More

Last week, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (“ACEA”) released data on passenger car registrations for December 2022. The European Union (“EU”) passenger vehicle market soared 12.8% last month to 896,967 units, marking the fifth straight month of growth . Registrations in Italy and Germany witnessed a year-over-year rise of 21% and 38.1%, respectively. Meanwhile, Spain […]