General Motors Stock (NYSE:GM): Supercharging the Auto Race with New Deals

General Motors (NYSE:GM), one of the world’s oldest and largest automakers, is supercharging the automotive race with newer partnerships and investments. Yesterday, GM announced a pact with rival electric vehicle (EV) maker Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) that would allow GM EV drivers to use Tesla’s supercharger network. At the same time, GM announced an investment of over […]

The Most Discounted New Cars Right Now

Most months there are a few models that are given an extra push with incentives tied to supply and/or a coming redesign. Automakers and dealerships need to make room for new vehicles. These days there’s plenty of room, but some models are still more popular than others. Transaction prices remain elevated for most vehicles, though, […]

Car dealership retail tech still draws investor interest

Retail auto technology startups can count at least one thing in the months ahead, according to Daniel Hoffer: Venture capitalists are still pursuing investments and making deals. That’s worth noting in the wake of the recent failure of Silicon Valley Bank, which used to support much of the innovation industry. Inflation and rising interest rates […]

These Are The Best Black Friday New-Car Deals On 2022 And 2023 Models

The best Black Friday deals this year come with low-interest financing as low as zero percent. getty Although the frenzied chaos of Black Friday early bird shopping has tempered somewhat in recent years, the weekend after Thanksgiving remains one of the busiest and most bargain-packed periods of the year for retailers. It’s no exception with […]

Quite a few insiders invested in RPM Automotive Group Limited (ASX:RPM) last year which is positive news for shareholders

When a single insider purchases stock, it is typically not a major deal. However, when multiple insiders purchase stock, like in RPM Automotive Group Limited’s (ASX:RPM) instance, it’s good news for shareholders. While insider transactions are not the most important thing when it comes to long-term investing, we would consider it foolish to completely ignore […]