Rolls-Royce says it will blacklist customers selling Specter EVs

It’s one strike and you’re out at Rolls-Royce. The ultraluxury brand says anyone caught reselling its first electric vehicle, the Specter, for profit will be banned for life. “They’re going immediately on a blacklist and this is it — you will never ever have the chance to acquire again,” Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös told Car […]

Two researchers die after EU-funded hybrid car explodes in Italy

ROME — Two people have died after a hybrid car prototype that was being developed and tested with European Union funds blew up last week in the southern Italian city of Naples. The Life-Save project aims to turn cars with conventional combustion engines into hybrid vehicles, running at least partially on solar energy. One vehicle […]

Quebec toughens ZEV sales mandate, frustrating automakers

Quebec Environment Minister Benoit Charette announced April 21 that the province was “accelerating” the yearly percentage of ZEVs that must be sold until the goal of 100 per cent is reached in 2035. The current Quebec sales mandates are already more aggressive than the proposed federal mandates and the new provincial targets widen that spread […]

Luxury tax is an administrative headache, dealers say

However, CRA appeared to dispute the criticism. “The CRA received a manageable number of calls that were responders [to] in a timely manner,” it said in an emailed statement. The CRA created a “landing page” on its website last July to address questions and explain how the tax is applied. “We met with the industry […]