Pricing for Wholesale – The Winfooz Blog

Managing inventory has traditionally been a time-consuming process for car dealers, but with the introduction of new technology, how you buy and sell your cars has changed forever. We know this, and we are here to help. There are two different ways to sell vehicles, retail and wholesale. Getting your price right when selling to […]

Toyota’s factory-installed accessories push could cost dealers

Toyota has been focusing on its accessories/customization business since 2017 and has seen those revenues more than double in that period, said Chris Nielsen, executive vice president of product support and chief quality officer for Toyota Motor North America. “I think we realized that we really weren’t doing everything we could to support the customers” […]

Parts shortage, supply chain disruptions continue to affect new car production, parts availability; How OEMs are setting the pace

The Associated Press reports that computer chip shortages as well as a lack of other automotive parts “continued to hobble” the US auto industry last year and contributed to an 8% drop in vehicle sales compared to 2021 — the lowest level in more than a decade . Automakers reported earlier this month that they […]