KIA: The Total Benefits of Successful Digital Transformation, Part III: Failures to Success!

This is part three of a three part hot forming series exploring how KIA has researched the current technologies which enable digitization in hot stamping at all business and supplier levels. In this post we see how KIA ininvestigated which software systems could satisfy the requirements of full digitization. They were not afraid to share […]

Inflation persists and car prices are a big reason

‌Car prices soared after the coronavirus lockdowns, and two years into the United States’ worst inflationary episode since the 1980s, the industry demonstrated that getting back to normal will be a long and lurching ride. In 2021 and early 2022, global shipping problems, a semiconductor shortage and factory shutdowns coincided with strong demand to push […]

Used car prices are surging. Here’s why you should buy now

Well, it was nice while it lasted. For nearly a year, the average used vehicle in the United States has been edging toward affordable again for millions of people. The relief felt belated and relatively slight, but it was still welcome. From an eye-watering peak of $31,400 in April of last year, the average price […]