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What To Consider Before Buying Tires for Your Subaru

What should a Subaru owner consider before buying new tires for their vehicle? We offer some helpful tips and advice for Subaru tire buying here.

Does your Subaru need new tires? before you buy tires for your Subaruexplore our list of things to considerfrom the primary use for your Subaru to the weather conditions of your region.

How You Use Your Subaru

The first thing Subaru owners should consider when deciding on new tires is the vehicle’s primary use. Is it your daily driver for getting to work, picking up the kids from school, and going to the store? Or are you like many Subaru drivers who take their vehicles off the road into muddy trails, sandy beaches, and uncharted territory? Perhaps it’s a little of both.

However, the Subaru’s use should be a primary consideration when getting tires. Understanding the primary utility of your Subaru will help you narrow down tire choices to those that are more suitable for you and your vehicle.

Tire Size

One of the most important considerations before buying your Subaru tires are their size. Tires that are too big or small will be uncomfortable to drive on and could significantly damage your Subaru’s suspension system.

Ensure you follow the Subaru recommendations for tire sizes in the owner’s manual. Those who have installed a lift kit on their Subaru should follow a lifted Subaru tire size chart to avoid mistakes.

Replacing vs. upgrading

Are you interested in simply replacing the old tires on your Subaru with the same ones, or are you interested in upgrading the efficiency or performance of your vehicle? If you have to replace a damaged tire, now it could be a good time to consider upgrading every tire since you’re already spending money. Also, many tire shops offer buy-three-get-one-free deals to provide better value.

Whether upgrading or replacing, you should always swap out all four old tires for four new tires. This is especially important if the vehicle has all-wheel drive, as many Subarus do. It’s key for vehicles to operate on four identical tires for maximum balance, comfort, and performance.

Seasonal Conditions

Your region’s climate is also something to consider when getting new Subaru tires. If summer is approaching and you live in an area with especially hot summers, you may want to opt for summer seasonal tires. These will provide sharper steering response and increased corner traction.

While the name suggests otherwise, summer tires are typically suitable for three seasons. They’re only inadequate when temperatures drop to freezing in the winter. But if you live in an area with moderate temperatures across all months, you can drive on summer tires all year round!


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