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Tips for Pairing Bluetooth Devices

Bluetooth devices are convenient for streaming, communicating, and controlling things remotely. Once connected to Bluetooth, devices can work together seamlessly without needing an intermediary like a router.
Unfortunately, each device must be individually connected to share data. Here are some tips for successfully pairing Bluetooth devices.

Ensure Devices Have Bluetooth Support

The most important thing to look for when pairing your Bluetooth devices is that both devices are compatible with one another. If you’re trying to connect to Bluetooth from a computer or smartphone, check the version to ensure it’s compatible with the other device.

You can check the listings in the “Device Manager” setting on Windows to see if your Bluetooth device shows up. If you own a Mac, go to the Apple Menu, System Settings, and select Bluetooth to see your devices. If you have an older computer that doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in, you can purchase a dongle to add the functionality.

Make Sure Devices Have Bluetooth Turned On

Most BT-enabled devices allow you to turn the setting on and off for increased security. Smartphones and computers will usually come with this setting turned off by default, so check that your BT settings are turned on before attempting to pair devices.

BT can be enabled on Windows by opening the Settings menu, then selecting devices. Choose the option for “Bluetooth & other devices,” where you can turn the settings on if desired. There, you can click on Bluetooth to enable the service. Mac users can toggle BT settings in a similar fashion.

Check the Battery

If your BT devices require battery power, you must ensure they’re charged before pairing. One of the most significant differences between Bluetooth and wired earpieces is that BT devices require a charge. Most connected computers and phones will display the battery level through the device’s menu.

If your BT device needs charging, you can temporarily plug it into the wall to give it some juice. Never leave lithium-ion batteries plugged in without supervision. They can overheat, potentially causing a fire or other accident.

Consult Your Manual if You’re Having Trouble

Many BT devices are designed with unique specs that can make it challenging to figure out how to get them into pairing mode. If you’re having trouble, consult your owner’s manual to ensure you understand the proper steps. Bluetooth is a convenient technology but can be a hassle if you don’t know what you’re doing. With these tips for successfully pairing Bluetooth devices, you can share and stream data without limits.

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