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The Father and Son Creating Memories in Their Unique Bugatti Baby II

The Little Car Company, makers of the limited-edition Bugatti Baby II, is delighted to see one of its Pur Sang models put to fascinating use in the scenic Swiss town of Oberägeri.

Dutch entrepreneur, Linferd Huismans, has used his wonderfully personalized Bugatti Baby II to create unforgettable family memories with his four-year-old son. When he collects his son from kindergarten, the pair drives on private roads in the Bugatti Baby II down to the picturesque lake of Oberägeri for an afternoon of fun.

The journey has become a regular feature of Linferd and his son’s week as they go to the lake to spend quality time together, whether exploring the lake or watching and feeding the fish. Of course, these trips wouldn’t be the same without their regular stop at the local ice cream parlor.

Linferd commissioned his Bugatti Baby II in a delightfully unique fashion, with many distinctive flourishes making it his own. The Fierce Green exterior paintwork blends perfectly with the black leather interior. As a Pur Sang model, the hand-formed aluminum bodywork results from 200 hours of skilled craftsmanship. With a custom varnish applied to the exterior, the touring pack bodywork glistens as Linford and his son enjoys their lakeside drives.

With only 500 Bugatti Baby IIs being produced, each one must be recognized and true to the owner, and Linferd had a specific design in mind for his car. A specially engraved filler cap denotes his Bugatti Baby II as ‘041 of 500’, while a special speed key, steering wheel and painted mirror enhance the distinctive nature of this reimagined icon. For a final flourish, custom brown leather straps adorn the exterior for a truly authentic aesthetic.

Discussing his bespoke Bugatti Baby II, Mr. Huismans said: “When I pick my son up from playgroup, I’ll often ask, ‘Do you want to go in the big race car or the small race car?’ and he’ll always say the small race car. So, we’ll both hop into the Bugatti Baby II and drive to the lake for ice cream. We can spend half an hour, or sometimes lose track of time and spend the whole afternoon there.

“We shared many days like this, and it’s also lovely to see the fascination of the other kids at their playgroup. They’ll often ask to sit in it, and I’ll see their parent’s face light up as we go for a spin.”

Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company, added: “For many of us, specific cars hold unbelievable sentimental value and are the center of memories that stay with us for a lifetime. The vehicles we produce are no different, and we are delighted to hear how Linford and his son are enjoying their Bugatti Baby II in such a heartwarming way.

“As well as the wonderful stories of how our clients across the globe are using their cars, and the memories they are creating with them, we never get tired of seeing how clients have personalized their Bugatti Baby II to suit their tastes. Linferd’s story of his drives to the lake with his son in their beautifully commissioned Bugatti Baby II exemplifies what makes producing these incredible cars so special.”

The Little Car Company hand builds the Bugatti Baby II at its Bicester factory, and the fully electrified reincarnation of the Type 35 Bugatti has been developed in collaboration with the iconic French marque, with the Baby II’s solid silver Bugatti Macaron a symbol of its authenticity.

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