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Join the AutoForm Global Webinar: A Smart and Systematic Approach for Tube Forming Engineering, 24 May, 2023

Systematic Process Improvement for Tube Hydroforming

Tubing contributes to lower costs, advanced safety and lightweighting of automotive components such as chassis parts, shock absorbers, suspension arms, seats and instrument panel beams. Tube hydroforming is the process of manufacturing such critical components and the success of the tube hydroforming process depends on the best combination of material properties, process parameters, process sequence and die geometry.

In this webinar we will focus on a smart systematic process improvement approach to find the optimum hydroforming solution for a high strength steel tube component efficiently in a shorter time. This can result in significant time savings in designing and validating a feasible process for tubular components.

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Registration May 24, 2023, Session: 9:00* (Duration approx. 1 hour)
Registration May 24, 2023, Session: 16:00* (Duration approx. 1 hour)
*Central European Summer Time (GMT +2:00)

Content of this webinar:

Using a real-life high strength steel tubular component, we will demonstrate how to:

  • Design and digitally validate a tube hydroforming process
  • Use a smart systematic approach to find the optimum combination of design and process parameters
  • Realize savings in terms of weight and cost

Who should join:

Engineers and managers are responsible for the part design and the process design of tubular components and anyone who is interested in tube hydroforming technology.

Your Presenters:

Mayank Gupta, Product Manager (Left)
Giampaolo Moncelsi, Technical Product Manager (Right)

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