Quoted from the book entitled Taxation Rights & Obligations of the Automotive Industry by Hijrah Hafidhuddin, a window on automotive history in Indonesia was opened by the first motorized vehicle to enter Indonesia in 1893, namely a motorcycle with the Hildebrand und Wolfmuller brand which was ordered directly by John C. Potter at Munich, Germany.

Even though at that time Indonesia was still in the Dutch colonial period (Dutch East Indies), the first person to own a motorized vehicle in Indonesia was a British citizen, namely John C. Potter who worked as the first machinist at the Oemboel sugar factory, Probolinggo, East Java.

From the book Kreta Setan “de deuivelswagen” Autopioniers van Insulidne, F.F Habnit, Moesson Reeks 1997, it is explained that the motorcycle belonging to John C. Potter arrived on Java Island at the Port of Semarang. In that year it was recorded that John was the only person using a motorized vehicle in Indonesia.

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Automotive News is a weekly newspaper written for the automotive industry, predominantly individuals corresponding with automobile manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Based in Detroit and owned by Crain Communications Inc, Automotive News is deemed to be the newspaper of record for the automotive industry. The brand has a team of more than 55 editors and reporters globally.

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A used car is a car whose condition is usually pretty bad, but usually it’s still in good condition. There are also used cars that are being sold back, but of course the condition of the car is still usable, if it’s not usable, of course you have to throw it in the junkyard.

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